Some reds were born to amaze. Some were born to inspire. Pursuing the most overwhelming “wow factor”, the red diamond employs a show stopping, one-of-a-kind wonder that will take everyone’s breath away, so rare, there are only three known weighing over 5 carats. The stone known as the Red Diamond is the most historical, later re-named the Kazanjian Red. 

Its journey began in Amsterdam where it was cut and polished into a vivid multi-faceted 5.05 carat Asscher by the Goudvis brothers. In 1944, the Nazi’s stole the diamond and took it to Germany. After the war, the American military discovered the gem, thought to be a ruby, hidden near a salt mine near Adolf Hitler’s Bavarian summer retreat.

Ultimately, the red diamond was sold to an unidentified private collector in 1970, and its whereabouts remained a mystery for decades.

Until 2007, Kazanjian CEO, Douglas Kazanjian was given the opportunity to purchase the elusive red diamond for an undisclosed amount from an anonymous seller. 

Renamed “The Kazanjian Red” for its energy, fire, and strength, encapsulating exceptional weight, outstanding power and emotionally intense color. This particular red diamond steals the spotlight with its unmatched quality, size and dazzling glow.