Prominent Pieces

Madonna's Wedding Tiara

Edwardian piece dating to circa 1910

This Tiara, worn by Madonna at her wedding to Guy Richie, is made up of 765 old mine diamonds, weighing 78 carats. This versatile tiara can be made into a necklace by removing the top swag pieces. It was originally made by Garrard Jewelers in 1910.

Victorian Serpent Bracelet

circa 1850

This rare piece of jewelry is a favorite of the Kazanjians. It was made in France circa 1850 and is set with finely matched old mine Colombian emeralds of absolute gem quality, and rose cut diamonds. There are approximately 22 carats total weight of fine emeralds and approximately 7 carats total weight of old mine diamonds.

Exceptional Ceylon Alexandrite

This world class 20 carat emerald cut Alexandrite is extraordinarily rare as it is emerald cut and has a wonderful color change from raspberry red to olive green. It is beautifully mounted with fine oval diamonds as well as pink diamonds on the gallery. A special book was written by the American Gem Laboratory on this specific stone due to its rarity and beauty.


America's Treasure

circa 1960

This necklace represents perhaps the most important piece of American mined jewelry in the world. This floral inspired sapphire and diamond necklace was designed by Stanley Kazanjian in the 1960’s. It has approximately 178 carats of exceptionally well matched sapphires and 6 carats of diamonds. These sapphires, from the Yogo Gulch mines in Montana, are considered to be the most significant American gemstones in the world. This necklace represents the greatest collection of Yogo sapphires in one single piece of jewelry.


Maharaja Necklace

circa 1790

Maharajah of Junagadh’s emerald and natural pearl necklace. This historical piece contains five strands of natural pearls from the Persian Gulf, and approximately 900 carats of old mine Colombian emeralds. It was made for the Maharajah in 1795, in a time period when Indians traded spices with Colombian’s for their rare emeralds. Junagadh was one of the five largest Princely States in India at the time.


A Touch of Green Envy

17 carat fancy yellow green diamond ring set with two trilliant diamonds weighing 1.41 carats and 1.26 carats. Formed through natural radiation from nearby rocks, green diamonds are exceedingly rare. This uncommon green diamond is set in platinum in a classic 3 stone ring design.

38.80 Carat Ceylon Sapphire

This emerald cut stone is very rare due its large size, even color, and no indications of heating. It is also unusual that it was cut into an emerald cut, as a cutter must remove more of the material to fashion an emerald cut than a respective oval or cushion cut.

An Important Van Cleef & Arpels Art Deco Bracelet

circa 1930

Wide diamond art deco bracelets are exceedingly hard to find. This spectacular bracelet has five European cut diamonds weighing approximately 5 carats each. The total diamond weight is estimated at 100 carats.

Mid-Century Bulgari Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

circa 1970

Bulgari ruby and diamond bracelet set with approximately 35 carats of rubies and approximately 20 carats of diamonds. The American Gemological Laboratory described the rubies in this important bracelet as unheated and from Burma.

Outsanding Alexandrite Cat's Eye

50.82 carats cat’s eye and diamond ring mounted in platinum.
One of the world’s great alexandrite cat’s eyes at over 50 carats. This stone has an exceptional eye and a wonderful color change. Gem cat’s eyes of 50 carats are incredibly scarce.

Van Cleef & Arpels Sapphire Pendant

Pendant drop converts into ring. This important and beautiful necklace is a special design by Van Cleef & Arpels NY with a detachable pendant drop. The pendant is set with a rare unheated 17.83 carats oval sapphire with a certificate stating it is from Burma.

King Sapphire

circa 1984

Carved by Vasily Konovalenko, one of the world’s foremost gem carvers. The King Sapphire weighs over 3,200 carats (original weight: 4180 cts) and joins the Presidential Busts collection. The carving represents Konovalenko’s first masterpiece after leaving the Soviet Union. The bust is currently on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

53 Carat Cushion-cut Diamond

Extraordinary 53 carat cushion cut diamond. Diamonds of over 50 carats are extremely rare. This beautiful cushion shape is a very memorable stone.

Unique Asscher-cut, 22 carat D Flawless, Diamond Ring

22 carat D Flawless Asscher cut diamond ring mounted in platinum. This diamond is a classic and timeless, reminiscent of the Porter Rhodes Asscher cut diamond.