Founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1913 by the gifted Kazanjian brothers, Harry and James. Harry, a Parisian trained lapidarist and James, an enthusiastic salesman, the brand quickly established a reputation for their knowledge and excellence of their stones and the superb quality of their cutting. Over the decades, the Kazanjian generations defined a distinctive style of high-end craftsmanship and magnificent jewelry designs made of rare color combinations, exotic designs and truly exceptional boutique items.

Earning worldwide recognition, Kazanjian introduced their brand of distinct vision and rewrote the rules of the jewelry profession with major historic gemological finds of the Black Star of Queensland Sapphire, the Montana Sapphire, the Australian and Mexican Opals and the Kazanjian Red Diamond. For over half a century, Kazanjian is located in Beverly Hills where it continues to sell, design, discover and trade their brand of luxury.