Kazanjian’s Jewelry Collection Transcends Through the Ages

Snake bracelet


Kazanjian’s jewelry collection has been appreciated by many prominent individuals for its timeless splendor, unique designs, and distinctive appeal. For example, our Victorian Emerald Snake Bracelet was featured in the book, Beautiful Creatures: Jewelry Inspired by the Animal Kingdom by Marion Fasel, in which she wrote: 

"When Prince Albert presented a gold snake engagement ring to Britain’s young Queen Victoria in 1839, it sent a message to the world that the creature was a symbol of everlasting love. It also sparked a passion for snake jewelry. Queen Victoria’s daughter-in-law, Alexandra, who was rarely seen without her snake bracelet, and France’s Empress Eugénie, who owned a stunning Mellerio snake bracelet, added to the creature’s allure in the late 19th century. Movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and Maria Félix and Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland flaunted snake jewels, which helped keep the desire for serpent styles high throughout the mid-20th century.

In between these periods of peak popularity, snakes continued to slither through jewelry. The fully flexible, linear bodies of serpents are ideal for wrapping around wrists, necks, fingers, and hands in bejeweled creations. The meandering form provides a visual sense of movement-a quality that has helped snake-themed jewels stand out from traditional silhouettes. Snake jewels were far more sinuous, for example, than the tiaras and elaborate bodice brooches worn during the Victorian age."

We suggest treating your queen with an equally beautiful serpent style bracelet to celebrate your eternal love, after all being a true romantic is a highly prized skill!