How to Sell Your Jewelry?

Understand the value

Selling jewelry could be quite an involved and emotional process considering the piece(s) could carry sentimental value on top of the commercial one. The following is some knowledge that will make it easier to find answers to the various questions evolving around, how to get the best value for your jewelry.

emerald earrings

The term ‘estate’ is a general name used for describing jewelry that has been pre-owned. Jewelry that has already been used or owned could vary in value depending on the item unique features, history, legacy, and quality.

In general, jewelry is bought based on the latest and most popular styles. Although, some styles have been around for decades, they usually last for just a few months. In some cases, estate pieces which are out of style, are not able to command prime prices. In fact, some are undoubtedly only worth breakout value. On the contrary, some estate jewelry in the antique period with historical value can sometimes be in high demand. Such pieces are sold for more than its original value. These types of jewelry are considered to be a good investment opportunity.

It is also good to know your gems worth. Some gems are more valuable than others. One gem could add several thousand dollars, while another could add little to nothing. For example, an untreated natural sapphire or ruby is oftentimes worth more than a natural one that has had heat treatment. Knowing which gems are worth more is also extremely helpful. Whenever we think of expensive and rare gemstones, our minds immediately go to diamonds, but there are a few that are worth more in some cases. For example, the other 3 precious gems namely, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies. Even semi precious ones like Alexandrite, Spinel and some collectible Tourmaline are some that can have more value.
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Maintain pristine condition

The condition of your jewelry plays a big role in its value. Along the same lines, out of style, broken or damaged jewelry, even after you restore or repair it, will only go for their break out value. Jewelry repair requires a lot of skill and is an area, which most will not have the skillset to perform. Respectively, the valuation of your jewelry will be adjusted based on its condition.

Cleaning your piece properly is helpful before taking it for evaluation. If you intend to clean your jewelry, make sure to research beforehand, because if done incorrectly, you could damage the gem or jewelry.

Sell at a trustworthy place

Estate jewelry shops are the most common and are the easiest to go to. Most shops will give you cash based on the appraisal of your jewelry. The main factor to understand how it works is the percentage. Some unlike others, pay up to almost 80-90% of fair market price, while others pay around up to 30%. To ensure you are getting your money’s worth, go to a trustworthy and well-established estate jeweller. It is also good to get different evaluations from around 2-3 other sources.

Another way is to take your jewelry to an auction house. Auctions can be the best option for certain type of collectibles. Auctioning your jewelry do carry risk. For example, the final selling price is always unpredictable, and in some cases, do not sell. But it also has good rewards if the right items are presented.

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