Selling Your Jewelry

It's an Emotional Process

Kazanjian has been actively purchasing prominent jewelry and significant gemstones around the world for the past 100 years. Our greatest treasure, The Kazanjian Red Diamond, was purchased from an estate in Asia, and has become the symbol of our company’s search for rare gems and jewels.

Direct Sale

Our team of expert buyers can evaluate your piece quickly and discretely. Our knowledge of the international market allows us to make strong offers on your gems or jewels, as we are not limited to the local market. Our payment is immediate.

Consignment Sale

Alternatively, we can discretely receive your collection on consignment, where it can then be readily shown to our international client base of connoisseurs. Once a sale is made, you will be notified and payment will be immediate. We assume full responsibility for the care and custody of your jewels and maintain appropriate insurance in the unlikely event of loss.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to receive a preliminary evaluation of your jewelry. Our client’s privacy is of our utmost concern, so all transactions will be kept confidential.    


Photo(s) are highly recommended for a more accurate evaluation of your jewelry. An estimate should not be considered proof of authenticity or a guaranteed offer to purchase.
Please provide any information, such as how, when or where you acquired the jewelry or any additional information that may help to establish a value for the item(s).