Rainbow Collection

The primary color precious gemstones are ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamonds, followed by all other colored gemstones recognized as value for fine jewelry purposes. many of the minerals come in multiple colors. Diamond for example can be found in all colors of the rainbows, including the rarest color, which is red and can be found on the logo of the company. Sapphires as well represent all colors of the rainbow. Beryl, spinels and tourmalines also register all colors of the rainbow.

Kazanjian history includes rare and unusual special stones such as chrysoberyl, cat's eye, Alexandrites, star sapphires, paraiba, demantoid garnets and opals.

Harry Kazanjian created the Mexican Opal market and opals became another trademark for the Kazanjian's. James and Stan visited mines located in a very remote location near Guadalajara and uncovered several luminous Mexican opal stones. A few years later in the late '50s, the Kazanjian's went on another hunt for more opals in Australia. They discovered the most magnificent collection of black opals that has ever been put together in the world to date. The curators of the Los Angeles Natural History Museum were so impressed with the collection that they begged to have the stones donated to their permanent collection.