Most are familiar with diamonds which has a long history going back to the Golconda mines in India.

James Kazanjian spent his early career traveling to India and befriending the Maharajar and buying some of the wonderful treasures held by these monarch, including the Maharajah Baroda, Maharaja of Indor, and even attempted to acquire the collection of Hyderabad.

Kazanjian worked in the 1970's with the inventor of the radiant-cut, Henry Grossbart providing stones as he worked on the cut. He cut a 100 carat cut to a  79 carat that was the largest flawless yellow diamond at the time. The radiant-cut helped bring out color in the diamonds diamonds, which created an entire marketplace for colored diamonds that did not exist prior.

In the 1990's, the Kazanjian brothers created the Russian-American Diamond. They worked with a factory in Spolinsky, Russia and distributed perfect-cut diamonds.