The Secrets to Layering Jewelry

The trend of layering jewelry has gained popularity over the years. From layered chains to valuable pendants, layering your jewelry is a great way to look and feel elegant.

The Right Match

We recommend that you take a look at your collection and see which jewelry compliments the other the best. If you are unsure in choosing the right necklaces, the best way to start is to select a single metal and categorize each piece, by putting them into their own distinct stack. For instance, separate all your yellow and white gold metals and group them together, and do the same with all your other metals. Once you have done that, you will be able to see which necklaces complement one another. You can use this technique with other jewels like bracelets.

Layered bracelets

Chain Lengths

One component of layering is the varying chain lengths. Having different chain lengths provides a spotlight for each unique necklace, it creates a sense of texture and culminates in bringing depth. Start with the shorter ones, layer two or three at the most and make sure to arrange the spacing between each of the necklaces until you are pleased with the combined look. Have fun.

layered chains


Mix and Match with Gems

Gems and pendants are the best way to show off your collection. Your pendant is a lovely way to finish the look you wish to achieve. Select necklaces that will make your pendant give the look that is unmistakably you. 

Layered gold bracelet