Let it Show: Jewelry Trends for the Holiday Season

Tis the season to sparkle and shine. Keep up with the glamour of the holiday spirit by taking inspiration from our selection of jewelry and glisten like the lights of Christmas. Here are the latest jewelry trends for the holiday season.


Minimalist Jewelry

Beauty in simplicity. Jewelry that can be worn daily and also is eye-catching. Highlight the materials that the accessory is made from, as the sleek and often uncomplicated design of minimalist jewelry allows for a versatile option for any occasion. Minimalist jewelry can be the finishing touch on any simple outfit and make you feel good. They provide an instant brand of elegance that pulls together an ensemble immediately.


Diamond pendant necklace 18k gold


Themed Jewelry

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. With all the symbols that express the holidays there are also an assortment of jewelry that compliments them. From snowflakes to crosses, the variety in which accessories are formed means that you can you can exhibit your enthusiasm for the season in every way you want.

Pink & Colorless Diamond Snowflake Pendant 18k white gold

Colored Jewelry

The vibrant colors of the holidays are always a sight to behold.  Amongst the bursting amount of lively colors all around you this season…Red as a ruby, blue as sapphire and green as emerald. All of these stones emulate the festive atmosphere during the season and these are the gifts that will stay with your loved ones for many lifetimes.

Kazanjian Tutti Frutti Brooch in 18K Yellow Gold

Fusion Jewelry

The beauty of a gemstone is often displayed with a lustrous metal. The chic and contemporary design of fusion jewelry can further magnify the beauty of the gemstone that it highlights. As the ambience of the holidays are often eye catching, fusion jewelry can often refocus the gaze back to you.

Chevron Diamond Earrings, in 18K Yellow Gold, by Cartier 

Storied Jewelry

There are reunions that come with the holiday season. Wearing jewelry, especially gorgeous pieces, more often than not become the conversation starter. Having jewelry that has intrigue in its creation and journey can possibly be the highlight of the day.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ladies Watch in 18K Yellow Gold